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Restaurant "Hermitage"

Modern Russian Kitchen
The restaurant of the resort complex, offers guests an author's menu, in which the chef constantly introduces new dishes enriched with both useful microelements and individual, unique and original notes of taste.

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Cafe "Kulturnoye"

European Kitchen

The cuisine of the Cafe "Kulturnoye" cannot be called European, Black Sea or any other generic name. This cuisine is, of course, author's.

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Panoramic gastrobar "Captain Gray"

European Kitchen

Panoramic bar "Captain Gray" is the most romantic place in Feodosia.

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"Family buffet" on the beach

European Kitchen

A very cozy family cafe is situated on the territory of the beach of the Alye Parusa resort complex, where you can hide from the strong sun at comfortable tables and relax while listening to light music.

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Coffee house

The coffee house is located in the park area of ​​the "Alye Parusa" resort and is a separate building in a shady part of the park, a small hall where an atmosphere of peace reigns.

Here is the best Turkish coffee in Feodosia. People love it and our baristas know how to cook it well, so the guests often return for a cup of coffee the next day.