Cafe "Kulturnoye"


The menu of the cafe offers light dishes from fresh local products, Black Sea cuisine, Crimean fish and a pizza menu, which you can also order to go.

It is impossible to call the cuisine of the cafe “Kulturnoye” European, Black Sea or assign a different generic name. This cuisine is, of course, author's.

Chef Yury Afanasiev, inspired by the traditions and culture of different countries of the world, uses the freshest local products, creating light and fresh author's dishes.

Every month Café "Kulturnoye" offers special seasonal dishes from around the world.

The menu contains a page of fish dishes - as a sign of support for our neighbor - the Museum of Fish and Fisheries, and a page of pizzas - objectively, the most delicious and "real" in Feodosia.

You ask why the cafe is called "Kulturnoye"?

Culture is the main focus in all our approaches:

  • culture of sincere, hospitable and fast service
  • culture of very tasty and healthy cuisine (usually difficult to combine)
  • culture of leading unhurried conversation with friends and loved ones in a pleasant environment
  • culture of remembering the history of our country with a kind smile and honoring traditions.

The cafe is located in a carefully restored building in the Stalinist Empire style - previously there was a club of the sanatorium "Voskhod", and now the Palace of Culture and Creativity "Chaika".

In addition to the “Kulturnoye” cafe, there is a large concert hall where wonderful concerts and performances take place, the Museum of Fish and Fisheries, the collection of which Feodosian Mikhail Kumantsov collected throughout his life in 56 countries of the world, and the Feostoria Tourist Information Center.

Welcome to the cafe "Kulturnoye"!

We are located in the left wing of the PCC "Chaika", next to the entrance to the "Gray Inn" Hotel, 3*.

Working time: from 12-00 to 22-00

Table reservations and details: +7 (978) 702-17-29

Book now at favourable prices
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