Coffee house


The coffee house is located in the park area of ​​the "Alye Parusa" resort and is a separate building in a shady part of the park, a small hall where an atmosphere of peace reigns.

Here is the best Turkish coffee in Feodosia. People love it and our baristas know how to cook it well, so the guests often return for a cup of coffee the next day.

For those who are wary of the strength of coffee, there is a large map of coffee drinks of various aromas and tastes.

For example, cappuccino with pine nuts. There are only few places where it is so delicious.

Try it and you will definitely like it!

And for tea lovers, AsSol branded tea will be a discovery, which multifacetedly conveys the gentle image of Green's heroine: green tea leaves with herb blossoms, mint, lemon, cinnamon - create a romantic mood, give inspiration and joy.

In winter, it is very important to increase immunity and get the maximum amount of vitamins and useful trace elements. We took care of this and prepared natural ginger and sea buckthorn teas for you. They energize the body and boost immunity.

During winter walks you will be warmed by spicy non-alcoholic mulled wine. And in the summer, home-made natural lemonades are in great demand.

In addition to drinks, the coffee house offers a wide range of fresh sweets. No shop or factory. Everything is prepared in our own confectionery under the guidance of the pastry chef of the "Hermitage" restaurant: marmalade and handmade sweets, sweet pastries, meringues, caramelized nuts and much more.

In the coffee shop, you can have a great time with friends, playing chess or puzzles and enjoying your favorite desserts!

There is Wi-Fi on the territory of the coffee shop, so you can easily stay in touch with both friends and colleagues.

There is also a pump room with Feodosia mineral water.

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